Welcome to year three

Welcome to Year 3

Your teachers are Mrs Crosthwaite, Mrs Young, Ms Cuthbert and Ms Cassels.

Your Learning Support Assistants are Ms Alice, Mrs Coudounari, Mrs Nazir and Mrs Hayley

Mrs Crosthwaite 3C

Year Leader

Mrs Young 3C

Ms Cassels 3E

Ms M Cuthbert 3M

Ms Alice LSA

Mrs T Nazir LSA

Ms Coudounari LSA

Mrs S Hayley LSA

What happens in Year three

Year 3 is an exciting year: it’s the first year in the Junior School and, for some, a big move up from the Infants. There’s no need to worry though, as the teachers and learning support assistants are all there to help you. The Year 2 teachers from the Infants and the Year 3 teachers liaise a great deal in the Summer term prior to the move to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We spend a lot of time getting children settled and familiar with new routines, and everyone is introduced to a range of new activities, procedures and – hopefully – new friends.


Homework is given out on a weekly basis. Maths homework will be set on a Wednesday and collected in the following Monday. Spellings homework will be set on a Monday and then the spellings will be tested the following Monday. The children will also be given Topic based homework during the year that should be handed into the teacher every 2 weeks. The children's Google Classrooms will be updated with the homework tasks and the weekly spellings.

If homework is not handed in or completed to the expected standard, children will have to complete the work at lunchtime. If children are absent when homework or spellings are given out, it is their responsibility to get the relevant work from their teacher.

PE Kits

Children will need to remember their PE kits (kits need to be named) for their two PE days (indoor and outdoor).

Please note the change for 2022-2023- children will come into school dressed in appropriate PE kit for their two PE days. Children should wear a t shirt in their house colour and blue shorts or jogging bottoms.

All children have swimming lessons in the summer term and will need their swimming kit on their day. The children will find out their swimming day after the Easter holidays.


Please encourage the children to be independent, to check for themselves and not to blame you if something is forgotten! Similarly, we will provide them with lots of prompts especially in the first few weeks and we encourage them to get used to this new system and become increasingly independent.

Please note: the reading record should be brought into school every day and signed by the person they read with.