English as an additional language

At Coombe Hill Junior School we endeavour to meet the needs of all learners and are proud of our strong inclusive values and ethos. Over 30 languages are spoken by the pupils and families within our school and we celebrate our differences by ensuring that we have accessible lessons for all. Our staff are experienced and trained using the LGFL EMA training scheme. During their time at our school, our EAL (English as an Additional Language) pupils are closely monitored for their progress in the curriculum and their acquisition of English.

Whenever we have a newly arrived pupil they are buddied up with a classmate in order that they settle into school life and feel welcomed.

Our school ensures that every pupil sees their culture and identity valued.

Helpful Heroes

We support pupils who are new to English by having helpful heroes in our school.

Our Helpful heroes are known to the teachers and office staff and are available to show prospective parents around the school, to translate signs into English and to ensure that all staff are aware of different families customs and values. They play an important role within our school community and are proud to be part of our inclusion team.

International Evening

We celebrate our varied cultures during an annual international event. This event takes place in our school hall and is a popular and well attended occasion. Families wear their traditional clothes, cook an array of international foods and there are even some dance displays. All parents are invited to get involved with this event and it is enjoyed by the whole school community,

Parent Support

At Coombe Hill we also work with the Learn English at Home support group to run a weekly parent class for parents who wish to improve their English. You can find out more information about this LEAH group by following the link.