The School Day

Start and end of day procedures

Please note that the horseshoe is still closed for all traffic at the following times of the day to ensure the safety of all the children in both schools:-

Morning - between 8.00am and 9.30am Afternoon - between 2.30pm and 4pm.

'Trickle in' start to the day

Pupils can come in to school from 8.30am, where teachers will have a graduated start to the day, with morning activities ready for the pupils as they arrive. The gate shuts at 8.45am and if pupils arrive after 8.50am they are marked as late. Pupils' first lesson of the day begins at 8.50am sharp, so pupils should arrive before this to settle into the day calmly. Many core subjects begin at this time, so make sure your child arrives with ample time to get ready for their learning.

Start and end day procedures - Spring 2023

Arrival at school

  • A member of SLT will be on the top gate from 8.30am each day and parents must leave their pupil at this point. A parent can give a brief message here to be passed on to the office.

  • Any other communications to the office should be made via email via or telephone, to minimise the number of people coming onto the site.

  • In year 5 and 6, any pupil who has completed the documentation to bring a mobile phone to school, should turn their phone off upon arrival at school and hand it to their class teacher during registration.

Leaving school

  • All children will come out onto the top playground at the above time slot.

  • All adults come down to the playground to collect their children at 3.15pm for years 3 & 4 and 3.20pm for years 5 & 6.

  • With permission, Year 5 &6 children may walk to a designated meeting point on their own.

  • In the unlikely event that a parent is late, any child who is not collected at their time slot will wait in the bottom playground and then be taken to the office with a member of school staff. After all other children have gone, they will be taken to wait inside the foyer area. Please contact the office if you are running late but note we are not able to look after children after hours on a regular basis.

  • A member of SLT will be at the blue gate to deal with queries during the children leaving.

  • Any pupil with a mobile phone should not turn it on until past the blue gate, without permission from a member of staff.

  • Any child from Year 5 & 6 who can’t locate the adult collecting them, should return to the blue gate, where there will be a member of the SLT.

Parents should be aware that once a child is with their parent or carer, then that parent or carer is responsible for the child’s behaviour and safety.

Our School Timetable

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