The School Day

Start and end of day procedures

Please note that the horseshoe is still closed for all traffic at the following times of the day to ensure the safety of all the children in both schools:-

Morning - between 8.10am and 9.00am Afternoon - between 2.50pm and 4.45pm.

'Trickle in' start to the day

Pupils can come in to school from 8.30am, where teachers will have a graduated start to the day, with morning activities ready for the pupils as they arrive. The gate shuts at 8.45am and if pupils arrive after 8.50am they are marked as late. Pupils' first lesson of the day begins at 8.50am sharp, so pupils should arrive before this to settle into the day calmly. Many core subjects begin at this time, so make sure your child arrives with ample time to get ready for their learning.

Arrival at school

Leaving school

Parents should be aware that once a child is with their parent or carer, then that parent or carer is responsible for the child’s behaviour and safety. 

We also ask that there are no dogs brought onto site, unless they are assistance dogs or are small dogs that are carried at all times by the parent/carer.

Our School Timetable

Website Timetable of date from Jan 2023