Our Core Values

Creative, Encouraging, Aspiring.

Coombe Hill Junior School Values


  • We have a broad, balanced, exciting and challenging curriculum

  • We are encouraged and given opportunities to be creative

  • We are enthusiastic about our learning

  • We are encouraged to share new ideas and approaches and to learn through doing


  • We are committed to making our school a happy place

  • We are each understood as individuals

  • We are helped to identify and value our progress.

  • We show empathy and listen to each other

  • We understand the importance of developing resilience

  • We celebrate each other’s success and are praised for real effort

  • We are expected to be reflective about ourselves and our learning

  • We show pride in ourselves, our work and our school


  • We want to make a difference in the world

  • We build positive and supportive relationships

  • We have a growth mindset and always give our work our fullest effort

  • We care for and respect each other and our environment

  • We are all provided with the opportunity to develop our leadership skills, take responsibility and to become independent