Safety in the horseshoe

Please respect our neighbours by driving and parking considerately, politely and legally if you use nearby streets. We actively encourage neighbours to contact the police if parents behave illegally or in an anti-social way.

The “horseshoe” is the small road in front of the school and is part of the school premises. This is where children can be dropped off by car in the morning only.

The Horseshoe is part of the school premises and therefore we have responsibility for deciding how the road can be used safely by everyone. So, as over 650 children make their way to and from Coombe Hill every day, we have put together a simple set of rules to make sure everyone understands the regulations for using the Horseshoe.

One of the strengths of the Coombe Hill Schools is the promotion of co-operation and responsibility in our children. Please help by leading by example when using the Horseshoe.

The safety of all our children is paramount and cannot be compromised.

**If you are running late in the afternoon, your children will be safe. In the Infant School, children will not be allowed to leave without an adult picking them up, and in the Junior School children are expected to wait at the Office for late pickups.**

Simple rules for a safer horseshoe

You can use the Horseshoe to drop off children who are able to get out of the car unaided and old enough to go into school on their own.

Reception, Year 1 and younger Year 2 pupils must not be left unattended anywhere around the school - they must be taken to their classroom and handed over to their teacher.

To keep the horseshoe safe, and to get all the cars through the horseshoe as fast as possible, we have a simple set of rules and we’d just like to remind you of the most important ones:

  • Keep it calm. Calm = Safe

  • Drive in at the top entrance only – this is a one-way road and no vehicle should ever enter at the other end. If the gate is closed, the horseshoe is closed.

  • Keep your speed down - 5mph at the (absolute) maximum, please.

  • To allow other cars to get into the horseshoe behind you:

        • Drive down AS FAR AS YOU CAN before your children get out

        • Drivers STAY in your car, please

        • Please drive on as soon as your children have got out of the car

        • Mind the crossing - if you have to wait, it is only going to be for a few moments.

        • Let your children out on the CURB side only.

        • Use BOTH lanes as you exit, if you can.

Why you can not pickup in the horseshoe after school

A few parents have asked why parents cannot drive into the horseshoe to pick up children in the afternoons. The answer is that 300 children come out of the Infants school at the same time at 3.15pm and another 420 come out of the Juniors together at 3.30pm. So there is no feasible or safe way to allow pickups by car in the horseshoe after school – just imagine the chaos!

The only vehicles allowed into the horseshoe at pickup time are staff, delivery and emergency vehicles.

Respect other drivers and keep our children safe

95% of people keep to the rules, but a few don't. Just one or two people not following the rules can cause a big disruption to everyone else, and at worst make things potentially dangerous.

We are all busy in the mornings, but keeping the rules in your mind will 'Keep it Safe' for all of us.

Think of others – in cars behind you, on pavements and on crossings

Keep it calm – Keep it safe