Road Safety

Our school is located on a very busy road and we recognise the importance of keeping our entire community safe to and from school. Our Junior Road Safety Officers have created a video to help remind all pupils, staff and families about how to stay safe on Coombe Lane West.

Road Safety 2022.mp4

Road Safety Week

During our road safety week this year (21st-25th November), our Junior Road Safety Officers, Pupil Parliament and Year 6 pupils joined the Metropolitan Police in speed checking motorists on Coombe Lane and discussing the repercussions of speeding cars outside of our school. Our Road Safety Officers also discussed safe crossing points with parents who crossed the road at the wrong point and reminded them to keep their children safe. They also reminded our pupils about safe cycle and scooting rules as they approach our school.

Our Green Team have also spent time on our surrounding roads, reminding motorists not to idle their engine when waiting to pick up pupils form our school.