Welcome to year six


Your teachers are Mr Charlton, Mrs Lucioni and Mrs Clarke and Mr Held.

Your Learning Support Assistants are Ms Davies, Mrs Jesani-Lee, Ms Gamble and Mrs Thakar.

Mrs Lucioni 6L

Mr Charlton   6C

Year Leader

Mr Held 6A

Ms Davies  LSA

Mrs Jesani-Lee LSA

What happens in Year six?

Year 6 is an important year when the children undertake roles and responsibilities throughout the school. Some children are chosen to be monitors or house or vice-captains. Within this role, they help organise different events. Year 6 children also participate in other responsibilities and training throughout the school, and are lunch monitors, play leaders, peer mediators, wet play monitors and office monitors. All the Year 6 children are matched with a ‘buddy’ in Year 3 in order to help them settle into the life and routines of Coombe Hill Junior School.

As secondary school is approaching, we encourage the pupils to be more self-reliant and self-sufficient. They need to start to take more responsibility for their own learning and progress.

Autumn Term

 Spring Term

 Summer term


We encourage all children to set an example in Year 6 to the rest of the school with regards to presenting themselves and their uniform. Please remind your children to have their shirts tucked in with ties done neatly and to have long hair tied up at all times.


The children are expected to read for at least 15 minutes every night, at least once during the weekend (Friday to Sunday) and sometimes during holiday periods. If a child finishes the accelerated reading scheme book then they should continue to read (any book) for the remaining time up to 15 minutes. Children will complete the reading comprehension quiz when they have finished the book. Children are responsible for changing their own book, although teachers will remind them.

Children are given a reading record and parents are asked to complete it and sign it to confirm that their child has read. If a child does not read then they will have to read during a lunchtime break. We place a lot of emphasis on reading and find that this system helps to develop good reading habits.

Teachers encourage the children to read from a wide range of literature. To help develop comprehension skills, bookmarks are provided to the children with different question types written on them and we encourage both parents and children to use these when children are reading independently or to parents at home. 

PE Kits

Children should ensure that they wear their PE kits on the correct days. For more details about PE kit, please see the Uniform page.  All children have swimming lessons in the Summer term.


The children are given English and Maths homework assignments every week. English and Maths homework is set on a Wednesday to be handed in the following Monday. Spellings are given out on Mondays and the children are tested on the following Monday. The year 6 teachers expect the children to complete this work; otherwise they may be kept in for a lunchtime session to finish it.

It is essential that the children realise the importance of doing their homework. It is good training for Year 7 in Secondary School.

If you want to find your homework overview for the current week, the children should log on to their homework classroom to find tasks set for the week. If children are absent from school the day homework is set, it is their responsibility to get the work from their teacher. All teachers have 'homework boxes' in their classroom with spare sheets.