Welcome to year six


Your teachers are Mr Held, Ms Ilett, Mrs Lucioni, Mrs Clarke, Miss McEvoy and Miss Robinson.

Your Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Jesani-Lee, Mrs Thakar, Mrs Mirza, Miss Hughes, Mrs Coudounari and Miss Boakye.

Mr Held

6 Oak, Year Leader

Ms Ilett

6 Oak

Mrs Clarke

6 Sycamore

Mrs Lucioni

6 Sycamore

Miss McEvoy

6 Pine

Miss Robinson

6 Ash

Mrs Jesani-Lee


Mrs Thakar


Miss Hughes


Mrs Mirza


Mrs Coudounari 


Miss Boakye


What happens in Year six?

Year 6 is an important year when the children undertake roles and responsibilities throughout the school. Some children are chosen to be monitors or house or vice-captains. Within this role, they help organise different events. Year 6 children also participate in other responsibilities and training throughout the school, and are lunch monitors, play leaders, peer mediators, wet play monitors and office monitors. All the Year 6 children are matched with a ‘buddy’ in Year 3 in order to help them settle into the life and routines of Coombe Hill Junior School.

As secondary school is approaching, we encourage the pupils to be more self-reliant and self-sufficient. They need to start to take more responsibility for their own learning and progress.

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