Teaching of Mathematics

Coombe Hill Junior School consider mathematics as far more than simply a core curriculum topic; it is central to helping children become happy, articulate and confident individuals. Developing numerical fluency prepares children to access a world surrounded by number. It equips young people with key skills such as calculating, estimating, observing and predicting, which will be used extensively throughout their lives.


Key principles

There are certain key principles that underpin the teaching of mathematics in our school. At Coombe Hill Junior School we believe that mathematics:

The curriculum

We ensure every pupil the opportunity to experience success in learning and to achieve as high a standard as possible. All children are entitled to access the Mathematics National Curriculum Programmes of Study and make progress through appropriately differentiated work. Our schemes of work reflect a mastery style approach, whereby students are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of concepts. As students master concepts to a greater depth they build on their application and reasoning skills.

All children will be given opportunities to:

Home support

To help parents support their children with homework, the Maths coordinators run workshops in the autumn term to explain some of the new calculation methods taught at school.  

You can find more information about supporting Maths at home here

Maths roadmap