Google Classroom

At Coombe Hill Junior School, we use Google Classroom as a platform for children to learn through technology. Google Classroom allows teachers to create, distribute and assess children’s work in a paperless way.  All student homework is posted to their Classroom and can be accessed from any device at any time. 

For help on how to access your child’s Google Classrooms please click this link

You can support your child at home in building their computing skills: 

Touch typing - Providing opportunities to build their touch typing skills. By building typing speed and fluency, the function of typing becomes automated, allowing children to focus on the task/problem itself. Typing Club is a good site for this. To keep track of student process, they should log in using their Google account.

Programming - Additional time for students to explore, create and debug through code is a beneficial use of time for students. Games such as Minecraft can help children build their computational thinking. Other websites children can access at home include: (student LGFL login details required)

Internet Safety - As parents/careers we encourage you to model responsible and safe internet skills to your children. If possible, online devices should be accessed in an open area within your home so that children can be supervised and supported when online. Regular discussion about safe and responsible online behaviour can also be beneficial, e.g. what is okay and not okay to share online, password security,  which websites are trustworthy, reliable and up to date, privacy settings on online accounts, etc. 

Further information and games related to internet safety and responsibility can be found at the Be Internet Legends website.