Teaching of English

At Coombe Hill Junior School, English is taught in class which allows for greater opportunities to share ideas and vocabulary. It also supports the change in end of key stage 2 assessment which has more focus on grammar and a greater emphasis on depth than breadth of coverage. We are continually looking to promote Literacy within the school and develop children's confidence and enjoyment of reading and writing. This is achieved through a range of initiatives including termly class readers; a well provisioned library; an annual Writers Week which invites authors and writers from different fields to share their work; and celebrations of Literacy through curriculum days such as World Book Day. 

All the year groups use elements of the Power of Reading scheme within English lessons.  It uses books as creative hooks and covers learning objectives set out in the national curriculum. The books and accompanying immersion activities support children with their writing by introducing complex vocabulary, characters and settings, helping children to generate ideas to inspire them in their own writing. It is also a fantastic way of introducing children to new genres and different text types such as picture books which support different reading skills. 

English roadmap


Drama is central to our approach of exploring texts, understanding stories and developing self confidence in speaking and listening. As well as being incorporated into our Power of Reading approach to English lessons, we are able to offer each Year Five class the chance to prepare and perform a very special performance for their peers and parents based on an aspect of their studies. 

Supporting Your Child At Home 

Please note that the slides below relate to the 2022-23 academci year and there will be a parent workshop on Friday 20th October.

English parent briefing 2022-2023