Our Curriculum Vision

Please note: The curriculum documents found in this section are working documents and as such, are subject to changes, teachers notes, comments and highlighting. They represent the most up-to-date information about our curriculum, of which we are very proud.

Our broad curriculum provides a wide range of exciting learning opportunities, which offer pupils challenging, collaborative and creative experiences. Pupils are equipped with the skills, attitudes, knowledge and dispositions to be successful learners. Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum which can be found by clicking the link below. We have developed our provision to ensure we provide our pupils with a knowledge-rich education to ensure their success as they move into their next stage of their learning. The curriculum reflects the diverse backgrounds of our school community and pupils see themselves represented within the curriclum. The National Curriculum document shows the statutory objectives for the knowledge, skills and understanding that we teach at Coombe Hill Junior from Year 3 to Year 6. 

Children will experience:

The National Curriculum (2014) is central to our school offer and can be found here.

We aim for every child to:

Our Learners 

We think constantly about the pupils in our care, providing a stimulating, safe and happy environment in which they can thrive.

We are one community made up of many nationalities, faiths, and home languages.  We have 390 individual pupils - each one is different and each one is valued. Many come from homes where English is not their first language 

For some pupils, there are plenty of opportunities to continue to learn and develop after school, for some perhaps opportunities are limited and, for others, school provides most of the cultural capital that supports learning and progress.  At least 16 per cent come from homes where there is or has been some disadvantage.

We have a significant number of pupils who are tutored for grammar school, experience academic pressure and rely on what they have learnt by rote; some of our pupils are hindered by fear of failure.  These pressures can reduce the time that they have to play freely outside. 

What we provide

Our creative curriculum:

Our encouraging curriculum:

Our aspiring curriculum: