Computing, Chromebooks and our Studio


As well as weekly Computing lessons, children regularly use chromebooks as a tool for learning across the curriculum. The regular use of Google Drive and online research ensures our students are becoming digitally literate. Digital literacy involves children being able to use, express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology.

In 2016, CHJ became a Google for Education London Grid for Learning Champion school. As a result, student work is saved securely in the cloud and is accessible on any device. Each year group have a set of 30 Chromebooks and regularly use them to enhance their learning by designing, creating and exploring online.

We currently have over 250 Chromebooks, as well as other digital devices.

Most recently, we also have our own television studio so look out for news from Coombe Hill.

Our Broadcast Studio

Let our Head Boys and Girls show you round our new studio!

Find all of our Friday Bulletins below, which have all been recorded, edited, written and produced by the children from each class.