Coronavirus update

From Monday 1st June we are delighted to welcome back Year 6 pupils on a part-time basis into school, as well as key worker and other identified pupils. In order to keep everyone safe, it is important that we follow the new rules for being in school.

These can be found in the box opposite:

We are sad that we can not see pupils in ALL years at the moment but hopefully we will all see you soon. However, Coombe Hill never closes really - we are a proud community and we are not going to let the current difficulties stop us from working and learning together. Join us in your Google Classroom, look for the Home Learning page for your year group and get going. As well as pupils' lessons for the day, you will find some competitions, Mr Clutterbuck's regular assemblies and links which will lead you to our forthcoming live lessons. There is details of how you speak directly to your teacher. You can communicate with us in the usual ways but we also have a new special home learning email address:

We want to see you all (in person) soon but in the meantime, we will not forget that we are all Coombe Hill and we support each other.

Key rules for children on site from 1st June


Welcome to the Coombe Hill Junior School website. Whether you are a pupil, parent or just a visitor, I hope you will find out a little more about us, our processes and what is important to us, as a school.

Autumn Review 2019

This is my sixth year as Headteacher and I remain immensely proud of our children here at Coombe Hill; the way they work, their kindness and enthusiasm as well as their many achievements. We are all proud of our school and of our lovely grounds, but I am under no illusion that it is what happens in the classroom and the opportunities that we provide inside and outside of lessons that are most important.

I am so grateful to have such a positive and hardworking group of staff who share our values as summed up by the three words:

Creative * Encouraging * Aspiring

We expect to model these values as a school; finding creative solutions to the issues of twentieth first century education, demonstrating our own creativity throughout the curriculum and designing plenty of opportunities for pupils to develop their own creative skills. We are a school that believes in encouraging and celebrating the success of our pupils and we feel certain that such an approach is always likely to be the most effective in helping children learn and progress. We expect our pupils to encourage each other to greater success - an expectation that they live up to on a daily basis. We aim to be the best school that we can be, and we try to help our pupils to develop a growth mindset, show the resilience to keep going when they face challenges and always to be aspiring to achieve their fullest potential.

Above all, we believe that if pupils are excited by their learning and happy at school, they are much more likely to achieve success.

I also recognise that no institution will get it right all the time. Good communication from us as a school and from you as parents will help us to continually improve and to ensure that your children have the best possible experience. In the meantime, I hope you find this website useful and that it gives you the information you need, however, please come in and talk to me or a member of staff if you have any questions that are not answered here.

Mark Clutterbuck

Head Teacher

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